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We are small team of SAS engineers and Software developers. In year 2015 we have developed web application prototype for SIL calculation and SIL following up according OLF-070, PDS-2013, IEC61508/511. At this period, we seen high interest from market and in short time application was evaluated from about 100 of companies/teams/users.

At this time we want to develop this idea to the next step, make solution easier to use and encourage engineers to use it in work. We would like to find someone who have interest or who can take cooperation with us for continuing of development of this solution.

We would like to find partner in this project and can share property right of this solution with the right partner. Contact us.

SIL Toolbox Project

The goal of SIL Toolbox project is to develop integrated software for design and assessment of Safety Automation Systems.

The core of software is Safety Integrity Level calculation module. This module provides possibility to easily configure safety function loops and assess SIL. Solution should be flexible enough for maintaining simple or complex loops including different number of elements or element groups.

Before SIL level is calculated, there should be possibility to determine requirements for safety functions. We are developing SIL Allocation module, which will be intended to determine required SIL using LOPA, Risk Graphs or OLF070 predefined requirements.

During maintenance phase it is needed to update reliability data based on live situation. This task could be solved using SIL Maintenance module (under development).

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SIL Toolbox Project phase

Project is in development phase and public access is intended for testing and evaluating purposes. Any proposals on usability and functionality of software are highly desired. If you are interested in engineering automation software and can give us any feedback, it would be appreciated. Please send feedbacks to sil@midt.no

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Critical safety failures (Maintenance module)

Article describes using of Safety Critical Failures module of SIL Toolbox

3104 | Comments | 27-07-2015

Loop visualization

3220 | Comments | 17-06-2015

About team work in SIL toolbox

This article describes how to share your projects with other users from your team.

2927 | Comments | 11-06-2015

Creating loop structure

Loops in SIL Toolbox represent safety functions with SIL requirements. They are starting point for SIL calculation. All tags and instruments are assigned to loops. Instruments are used in SIL calculations according loop structures.

3296 | Comments | 28-05-2015

Architectural constraints SIL

Article describes, how SIL from architectural constraints is calculated in SIL Toolbox.

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Quick start overview

Short overview how to use application and calculate SIL level

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