1. Preface

Quick start overview & Help is available for simplify usability of solution !

Toolbox allows you to calculate SIL using visual constructing loop structure

We have the following modules:
  • SIL Loop - used to construct loop's constucture and calculate SIL
  • Projects - Manage your projects
  • Tags - tag's reposiory
  • Instruments - instrument's repository. Generic instruments is predefined data from manufacturers.
  • Import/Export data - You can import/export huge amount o data using excel template.
  • Documents - Document's repository. You can add documents for instruments, tags and etc.

You have existing project - MIDT Project Example. We provide some examples for you for better understading principles of toolbox. Project contains already predefined generic instruments and loops.

2. Project

To begin to work - you should select a project.

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Select project

If you don't have any projects - you should create a new one from - Projects menu

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Projects

Put in needful project parameters, such as: ProjectName,ProjectNo,Company,Originator,PO,WBS,SystemCode,AreaCode,DocNo,Description
and also specify SIL defualt parameters for calculations: DefaultMTTR,DefaultBeta,Calculation method (IEC or PDS)

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Project Info

3. Create SIL loop

Go to SIL Loops menu

Create a new SIL loop

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - New SIL loop
Put in needful description parameters for your SIL loop (Name, Description and Required SIL) :

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Empty Sil loop


  • SIL - will calculated automatically
  • Calculation method - comes from project's calculation method parameter

Press "Save" button and then start to create loop structure

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Subsystem

4. Construct loop structure

The main idea is represent a loop structure as a TREE
In left panel, you see 3 subsystems: sensors. logic and final elements. Clicking on the subsystem, you will see a red marker and expanded panel from right side. Red marker means what element is selected. On the the right side you see parameters of selected element.
Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Edit Subsystem

There are 3 element types: Group, Chain, Tag.
  • Group is a group of elements with voting NooM. Group can contains any child elements
  • Chain is a group of elements with voting NooN. Chain can contains any child elements
  • Tag - is a instrument. Tag cann't contain any child elements

Selecting elements you can add childs elements Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Elements
So, using this simple operations you can construcn loop af any difficulty.
Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Edit subsystem
In the bottom part you see loop visualization.
Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Loop visualization

5. Set element's parameters - Voting, Beta, MTTR,Full Test Interval, Partitial Test Interval, Partial Test Coverage and Instrument

Select instrument from left side and you will see all element's properties from right. You can determine all nessesary data needful for SIL calculation

Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - SIL caculation

Selecting instrument, you provide the following parameters: UnitType Beta , BetaD Ls Ld Ldu Ldd SFF
Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Instrument

6. Safety Integrity Level Calculation

After creating loop structure, You can calculate a SIL level:


Safety Integrity Level Toolbox - Calculate IEC61511

Press "Save" button, to save element's PFDs and Loop's SIL property!

7. Print SIL loop calculation summary report

After calculationg SIL level you can print getted results and get it into report. Press here: